FED 2 type-4 camera with shutter cocking lever.

i just got back from Kiev, Ukraine, where i was given an incredible gift:  a FED 2 soviet rangefinder camera.

the serial number is 8262923, but i can’t find any information about exactly what year it’s from.  there’s a “made in the USSR” stamp on it though, but i’m not sure which factory it was made in or if it was made before or after WWII.  the FED1 collector information is pretty intense, a lot of these cameras have special engravings and a lot of history (for example the NKVD engraving “Peoples Commissariat of Internal Affairs” which was the new name for Stalin’s secret police. Identifiable by the rectangular shape of the plate covering the front rangefinder; before it had been an irregular shape as on the Leica II).

i’m excited to start using my FED2! an extremely nice gift from a friend of my father’s. 🙂

more information about soviet FED cameras here: http://www.rus-camera.com/camera.php?page=fed&camera=fed


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August 27, 2009 · 7:39 pm

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