1st edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus. and a lock of Shelley’s hair. at NYPL on 1/17/12

New York Public Library (NYPL) celebrates its Centennial with a fantastic exhibit combining artifacts from the library’s impressive collections.

Curated by guest curator Thomas Mellins, Celebrating 100 Years gathers more than 250 thought-provoking items from NYPL’s vast collections, a fascinating demonstration of how the Library has encouraged millions of individuals to gain access to a universe of information for more than a century. The first Gutenberg Bible acquired in the Americas is included, as are dance cards, dime novels, and John Coltrane’s handwritten score of “Lover Man.” Organized into four thematic sections — Observation, Contemplation, Society, and Creativity — this major exhibition highlights the collections’ scope and their value as symbols of our collective memory. Indeed, Celebrating 100 Years also documents changes in the way information has been recorded and shared over time, beginning with samples from the Library’s collection of Sumerian cuneiform tablets (ca. 2300 BCE) and culminating in selections from the Library’s 740,000-item Digital Gallery.” read more at NYPL.org


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January 20, 2012 · 7:14 pm

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