All Hallows’ Eve in the Middle East

The pace of things here occur at a glacial, terrifying, zombie-like speed. Don’t be fooled by the fast and aggressively hostile words the Hebrew language possesses, nothing here gets done efficiently. This use to be charming, but lately, on a spook-less Halloween (where the only party I can find is an Anglo costume fest at a shit bar named Mike’s Place – conveniently located below my apartment, keeping me up at at night with the melodies of drunk (Jewish) frat boys) it’s irritating. But it’s teaching me something valuable, I’m sure. Patience: always working on that one; life is a journey and not a destination thing: check; ma od (what else)? 

My mornings are quiet, I like them accompanied by a Turkish coffee (with cardamon), sitting at my desk, hoping Montgomery the cockroach won’t come out to play today. It might rain, the skies are dark on this October morning. Hunter’s Moon has passed, Hurricane Sandy blew threw NYC and I feel like I missed out on the solidarity of being a New Yorker. When we had blizzards of snow and the city was shut down, we hole up together, we make way for each other in the narrow paths carved out in 5 feet of snow, we come together. We pretend hurricanes are Zombie attacks, and make dinner while it pours outside. My American passport feels heavy in my pocket these days. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m missing October, crispy Autumn air, and Halloween. Maybe it’s the Presidential Election? Maybe it’s the feeling of being duped or just the frustration of the painfully slow pace that shit gets done around here. Maybe it’s just the usual uncertainty that comes with making changes. 


My nails are black today, for Halloween. 🙂 


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