Operation – It’s Not a War… Yet

I’m too tired to write anything substantial right now, since I inadvertently got caught up in a silly Facebook dialogue about the Arab-Israeli conflict and what is going on right now in Israel/Gaza during Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense. I want to write about how it all started for me – reading a tweet during my 20 minute bus ride to Tel Aviv University (to get to my Political Aspects of Conflict Resolution class, to be exact), followed by a slew of phone calls, text messages, and finally a long discussion with my parents in their hotel room about whether or not we would be attending a distant relative’s wedding in Be’er Sheva the following night (Be’er Sheva is located further south of the country and has been one of the cities bombarded with rockets from Gaza, considering it’s population and proximity to the region). Anyways, this is all coming… but right now I’m really fuckin’ pissed off that my parent’s are in Israel for the first time in 20 years and they have to experience sirens, bomb shelters, and seeing rockets fly over our heads on an otherwise clear-starry night sky. I’m pissed that every time I hear a noise I jump, because I think I need to take cover. I’m pissed that Israel is calling up 75,000 reservists and one of them happens to be my boyfriend. I’m pissed that they notified him by texting and calling him at 5AM on Friday morning. I can’t stand the tweets and panic that is being stirred up in the media, I cant stomach to read anymore IDFspokesperson news because it’s nauseating and it seems like someone is trying to convince me of something. Why is someone always trying to talk me into something in this country?! Most of all I’m pissed off at the old woman, who sold me a defective tea-kettle a few months ago… Who can you trust?? 

Also, a few words on how Israeli people react to war, or as I was recently corrected – “a situation”. This country is use to this, the people here are not shocked by it. It’s strange and foreign to me, but I both admire this trait and feel really bad that this is considered a normal life. It’s still new to me, all these sirens and warnings, but for Israelis it’s a way of life, a necessity. It’s both fascinating and disgusting, and as we all know, it’s only the innocent civilians that suffer on both sides. 

I’m not getting political here, at least not yet. I’m not ready for that because in all honestly, it’s hitting a little too close to home right now, literally, and I can’t think beyond my emotions. But it’s coming, it’s brewing… Hopefully the panic, fear and violence will stop before I decide one way or another. Knowing me, it will take me a very long time…

In the meantime, I need to sleep so that tomorrow morning I can go to the beach with my dad and enjoy the time I have with my parents here in my new home.


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