The American Colony


The American Colony, is a little slice of 5 star hotel heaven in the middle of a national, international divide of ethnic, religious, and socio-economic lines – East Jerusalem. 


image        image

imageBut the history goes back further than the pre-1967 borders, and even before nation-states were a fluffy cloud over a secular Arab leader’s head. Not quite so far back that the Middle East was ruled by an empire, or a civilization as an empire, but regardless, they took some amazing photos of the region in the early 1900s. Even though the radio dial in the bathroom plays only one modern station and the coffee is mediocre, you can read some heart-wrenching Palestinian poetry at the bookstore on a rainy day or rediscover Lawrence Durrell’s version of an Egyptian home through the eyes of a quartet. You can even buy a genuine silver antique chest from the Ottoman Empire period for only $7,000 in their gift shop. Does authenticity matter when the same turmoil is still going on outside your personal, Anglo, little white gate?                                                      


Not when there’s inspiration breathing into every pore of stalemate. 


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